Cirque du Soleil LUZIA

Yesterday I went to see the new Cirque du Soleil touring show, LUZIA. I’ve seen most of their touring shows, even their very first one when I was a kid. I really love Cirque du Soleil, so I was quite excited although our seats were not so good.


LUZIA is inspired by Mexico. I don’t know enough about Mexico to decide how accurate it was, but one thing is certain is that it was beautiful. Although we were seated on the side, the scene was rotating so we didn’t miss any important sight because of the poles that hold the tent.

LUZIA is not the kind of show that will blow your mind away with breathtaking acrobatics. Actually, there were no such act (I’m thinking for example about the Wheel of Death in KOOZA or the Chinese girls on their unicycle in OVO). The acts were good, but not breathtaking.

However, the staging was awesome and the music was amazing. The main female singer was great. Also, they introduced water in many acts, which was new and refreshing. (I can only think about how complicated it must be on the technical side) There were many “wow” moments for me, the kind of moment when the stage suddenly become filled with colorful characters, the stage moves and the music reaches a peak. This is for this kind of moments that I always loved Cirque du Soleil.

I found the second part to be a little bit disappointing compared to the first part. The finale was not as spectacular as it is normally, and it seemed that the show still needs some work. (which is normal: all touring shows are works in progress, especially when they are still in Canada) But overall, I really enjoyed it. The music, staging and costumes made up for the lack of unique acrobatics. And I got to live in a dream for a few hours, which was a welcome little break for my troubled mind…




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