A Day in Lima, Peru

I recently went on a trip to Peru, mainly to assist to the wedding of two Peruvian friends. The day after their wedding, they were kind enough to take us around Lima.

The weather in Lima is quite weird, it’s not sunny but not dark either. The sky is just very white.

We joined our friends on the next morning and got to see the view from their wedding suite.


Then we went for lunch and I finally tried the famous ceviche and pisco sours. Everything was delicious. Peruvian food is really good!


We went to the historic district and found that some festival was going on. I was apparently featuring dances from the southern region of Peru.


Lima has so many impressive colonial buildings. It’s beautiful and also it’s quite sad to see that many of these buildings are falling apart.


We visited a cathedral and found out that Francisco Pizarro’s tomb is there. It was quite impressive.


We went to the Miraflores district, where there’s a park full of stray cats. People sit there and pet them.


Our friends then took us to an “artsy” area, where the vibe was quite different. There were many hostels in that area. Seems to be the place where the young crowd hangs out. We just quickly walked around, unfortunately.


We finished the day with a meal in a Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant. It was pretty interesting and quite yummy!



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