Some Thoughts About Life


Photo : carrotmadman6 on Flickr

For me,
life is like a forest full of paths, where we walk, meet people and encounter
different roads. Sometimes you reach a crossroad where you need to make a
decision and choose the way you’ll be going from now on. Some of these paths
are well-maintained, clearly labeled, showing what you can expect on the way,
how long it will take, how difficult it will be and finally, where it’s
leading. Some of these paths are not labeled at all, and not only you don’t
know where they’re going, but you can see already that they’re full of rocks
and cliffs and will not be easy to go through.

back at my life, I realize that every time I came to a crossroad, I always took
the unknown, difficult path. Sometimes I tried to walk on an easy one for
while, only to go back to a rocky road as soon as I encountered one. I’ve been
told I’m courageous, I’ve been told I’m crazy. But actually, for me this has always
been the only way to live. Jump into the unknown and see what happens.

Now I can
see one major crossroad approaching, and an especially difficult path that may
not be leading anywhere. I’ve been thinking and thinking, but deep inside I
know that’s the road I’m going to take. Because that’s who I am. And because I
have only one life and I don’t know when it’s going to end.

So if I end
up passing by this path, I’m just going to take a deep breath and jump. Once


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