BIGBANG Concert – Japan Dome Tour “X” in Tokyo Dome


I attended BIGBANG’s concert in Tokyo Dome on December 27th. I think it was my 6th or 7th time seeing them live, but this time I was not going in such a happy mood, here’s why.

I happily joined BIGBANG’s official Japanese fanclub when I moved in Japan. Having tried to get tickets (without success) for a previous concert (that was not at the Tokyo Dome so it sold out quickly), I believed that being a member would allow me to get good tickets to any of their concerts. I was right about getting tickets, but not about getting good tickets.

After I joined the fanclub, they started doing shows at the Tokyo Dome. It is a pretty huge venue, so it didn’t sell out (although it was pretty full). The fanclub does some sort of “lottery” in which you enter to get tickets. This time, I entered the first lottery period (they did six I think) and I did so on the very first day, as soon as it went online. I thought that would get me the best ticket tickets available, but I was wrong.

It turns out that tickets are assigned randomly, so unless you buy VIP tickets (which I couldn’t afford), you can be either just next to the VIP seats or at the end of the venue in the highest row ever. For the same price. In Canada, there would be a good $100 difference between the price of these seats.

Needless to say, most of the time I got terrible seats. Only once I got excellent seats near the VIPs, and that was amazing. All the other times I got seats in the highest, farther section. What about the middle range seats, which is a huge section ? Who gets those seats ? I really don’t understand how it works. But if I had bought tickets on the day of the show, not using the fanclub, I would have gotten the same type of seats I got this time.

Now I can understand that the fanclub is quite popular, and maybe most of the people going to the concert purchased their tickets through the fanclub. But still… there were several thousands of people who got better seats than mine… it’s hard to believe that all these people ordered their tickets a few seconds before me !

So my conclusion is that it is really a random process, and that there is no real advantage in buying tickets through the fanclub. In fact, apart from a cheap small notebook and a cheap cardholder, I didn’t get much from the fanclub. I probably won’t renew my membership next time, unfortunately.

NOW… the concert was excellent, of course. These guys are really professionals and they know how to keep a crowd entertained. I found they were in a particularly good mood that night, even GD who is usually more reserved was smiling brightly. Great show ! Originally, they were supposed to have a new album released by now, but the plans changed, of course (no surprise), so no new songs. (apart from Good Boy, which actually made the Dome shake !) GD apologized for the delay and they all promised to be back soon with good music. I can’t wait !

The stage was a 360 degrees, centered stage with big screens all around. It was a very clever setting and helped us up there to see more than tiny moving things (without the screens I could hardly tell who was who unless they were wearing different clothes)

Last thing, iKon did a very short opening stage, they performed one song (and maybe a half of another song ? not too sure) and did some introduction speech. They were really uninteresting to me, but the crowd seemed to love them. Maybe I’m too old.

Photos were really, really prohibited inside so here are some I took outside.

First, my necessary goods for the show :


Some pictures I took outside the venue. I was trying to avoid the security guards so they wouldn’t see that I had an actual camera…







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