Japanese Autumn Snacks

Three of the things I love in Japan are :

– Seasonal food

– Snacks

– Pumpkin or sweet potato flavored stuff

In autumn, these three things are combined into fabulous seasonal limited edition snacks, so of course I have to try them all… and of course I usually love them all. Here are a few snacks I tried this year.

All Osatsu Sweet Potato Cookies


Bite size, sweet potato flavored soft cookies.

Pocky Midi – Murasaki Imo


Pocky midi are a shorter but thicker variety of Pocky. This one is made with murasaki imo, a purple variety of sweet potato.

Calbee Satsumariko


This is certainly in my top three favorite snacks ever. I already mentioned a few times on this blog how much I love Calbee’s Jagariko snacks, so imagine how happy I am each fall when they release the sweet potato version ! This is the only sweet variety of Jagariko I ever had, usually they are salty. This one is not too sweet, however, it’s just perfect. I seriously lost count of how many I bought this year.

Sweet Potato Caramel Corn


Sweet potato caramel corn snack, very sweet as you may guess, but quite good.

Pumpkin Kit Kat


Pumpkin Kit Kat… of course they had to ! Japanese very imaginative Kit Kat varieties are far for being all good, but this one was surprisingly tasty.

I shouldn’t forget the delicious Häagen-Dazs ice cream as well :





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