A Visit To Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe

The Final Fantasy “Cafe” (it’s actually a restaurant) opened last July in Pasela Resorts, Akihabara. I finally went yesterday !

It’s not just a regular restaurant. There are specific time slots (four times a day) and you get to stay for two hours. I’ve read somewhere that it was necessary to purchase tickets in advance, which I did, but I realized that it’s possible to get in just by showing up at the right time. Of course, some popular time slots may be sold out already.

So I purchased tickets through Lawson tickets, 1000 yens per person. Because of this each of us got a free drink of our choice plus an extra coaster. (I’m not sure if there is a fee to pay if you just show up there without tickets) We were given a menu and a pad to write our orders. You simply have to check the items you want on the sheet and give it to the waitress, so it’s quite easy.

Then we entered the restaurant. It was smaller that I thought, and it was obvious that it’s a new place. They tried to emulate the atmosphere of a shop found in a Final Fantasy game, but it was way too clean and modern so it didn’t really work. It was pretty, nonetheless.

The waitress lead us to our seats and then explained how the system works. It was quite a long talk. Then people started to order and to walk around to take pictures. The restaurant was half-empty, so it was quite comfortable to do so. The highlights of the decor were the big weapons replicas. They were well made. In the center of the room there were Moogles in different poses… very cute. And that’s about it ! To be honest, I was expecting the setting to be more impressive.

Our orders came quickly. There were only a few really “thematic” items on the menu, and that’s what we tried. Starting with the Leviathan cold seafood noodles… yes, the broth is blue. The appearance was quite spectacular, and we were impressed by Leviathan-shaped seaweed. There was a good quantity of seafood, and the taste was not as horrible as one could imagine.

Second, we got the Ifrit pizza, with a thin crust that looks like it was burned. It’s not actually, and it just tasted like regular pizza. Not bad.

Next was the bomb korokke, which was actually lit up by the waiter ! The melted camembert cheese mixed with the potato was very delicious. There were also some spicy peppers on the plate, to eat at your own risk. This was my favorite dish.

For dessert, I got the mini honey toast Moogle, because I love Moogles. It was very cute, but not so good. The bread was hard and the ice cream not so tasty. Fruits were okay.

The drink menu was very interesting. I first got an ether, which is a kind of white sangria. I chose it partly because of the cool bottle that I could see on the menu (top right, but actually the waitress came with the bottle, filled my glass and went away… so I couldn’t take a picture of the bottle. However, it was delicious and definitely the best drink we got.

We then got a Odin, which looked quite cool (the color was really weird). I’m not too sure what it tasted exactly, but it was good.

Later we ordered a Bahamut (left) and an Ultima Weapon. On top of the Bahamut is something like frozen grape juice. I have no idea what was inside the Ultima Weapon, but it tasted absolutely horrible.

With each item you order you receive a random coaster like the one we got at the entrance. We ended up with nine coasters including four Odin…. Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange them.

Bonus menu pictures :

As it is always the case in this kind of thematic restaurant, the food was so-so and the portions were small (the latter not surprising… this is Japan after all !). It is a place you go for the experience rather that for the food. It was quite fun and I’m happy I went… but I’m not sure I’ll go again !


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