Visiting Tokyo Sky Tree When A Typhoon Is Approaching

Yes, that was not a very good idea. Actually, that wasn’t my plan : I made a reservation one week in advance, because I wanted to go on a specific time (to see the sunset). I didn’t imagine the weather would be so bad… and it was not possible to cancel or exchange for another day. So we went anyway!

I got tickets for the Tembo Deck, which is at 350 m. There are three floors to explore : 350, 345 and 340 m. When we got off the (super fast) elevator, we immediately saw the disappointing view :

The tower was surrounded by clouds and it was raining hard. The typhoon was scheduled for the morning after. Fortunately, the clouds were moving really fast and were sometimes thinner, so we could catch a (very) small glimpse of the view. To make up for the disappointment, we got a Sky Tree ice cream.

In the Tembo Deck there are two cafes, one souvenir shop (with very uninteresting stuff in my opinion… I was disappointed) and one super expensive high class restaurant. It’s also possible to buy tickets to the Tembo Galleria (450 m), which was definitely not the best thing to do on that day.

The most interesting things to see were the glass floor and the glass “bottom” (I don’t know how they came with that name). The first one is quite self-explanatory, and the second one shows a view of the inside of the tower. Even with the very limited view, both were quite impressive. The glass floor is actually quite scary : you may find out that you actually suffer from vertigo and you didn’t know it before.

We decided to wait to see if we could get a better view when the night comes. Meanwhile we explored the deck which was pleasantly empty.

Here’s what the glass “bottom” looks like. I tried to take a picture of the view but I could get a good one. You can see the huge Sky Tree structure.

Since the view wasn’t getting much better, we finally left. We met Ultraman on our way back.

At this point, the rain was really strong and the view of the tower surrounded by fast clouds was very impressive.


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