Shiodome Caretta Illumination 2013

The second illumination I went to see was at Shiodome Caretta. According to the information I found online, last year was a big success so they’re keeping the same concept, i.e a combination of LED lights and projection.

The theme this year is “White X’mas in the Sea”… and I really don’t see how Christmas and sea themes can be related, but oh well…

So I went and was quite disappointed. While the (small) LED display is pretty, the projection that follows is an uninteresting short movie featuring fishes that want to bring Christmas into the sea. The projection is vaguely interactive as people need to clap their hands from time to time. I guess children can find this amusing, but for me it wasn’t really interesting.




After the presentation, we walked around the area as there are some other Christmas illuminations. We found some nice Christmas trees (the best part of this visit in my opinion) and a weird setting that looked like a disco bar with a LED tunnel. And that’s it ! So not so interesting after all. In the area, I think the Marunouchi illumination (discussed in an earlier post) is a lot prettier.






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