Dollism Plus Tokyo 2013

This year’s Tokyo Dollism Plus was held on October 20th, which was a very rainy and cold day. 

I have been in Tokyo many times and for a long time, but I always seem to underestimate the number of people that will show up at an event. I even had this fantasy idea that because of the awful weather, it might be less crowded… 

Bottom line : any event in Tokyo will be crowded, especially if it’s held on a Sunday. 

So here’s the view I got from the nearest train station :

The line actually extended on the left side, there was just a break in it because of a parking. It was really long ! At this point I decided that I would wait inside a nearby restaurant. Even with an umbrella, the rain was coming from all sides and I would still be soaking wet. I was worried for the doll I had the not-so-good idea to carry with me. 

The event started at 11:00, and I was able to get in around 11:30. My grumpiness disappeared when I saw all those beautiful dolls. However, it was not always easy to approach them and some booths had really long lines. I think Crobidoll had the longest line… I couldn’t even see anything of their booth.

I still managed to take some photos, here they are ! 

It was my first time seeing a Lusion for real ! Very impressive !

Here’s a picture of the bag we got at the entrance… there was a cute pair of Dollheart short pants inside.

I didn’t have enough money to enter the doll lotteries, but I still managed to give my Souldoll Katie A. a major relooking, with a new wig and Nine9Style outfit. Nine9Style even had these cute SD size catalogs.


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