NRT-PVG-KUL with MU (China Eastern)

I flew from Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur via Shanghai with China Eastern Airlines. I wasn’t too excited about it, because this is one of the many Chinees airlines that have a bad reputation. Since I was expecting the worse, it wasn’t actually too bad. The food was so-so but I’m not difficult, so it was ok for me. There wasn’t any personal monitor, only a general screen showing weird and incredibly boring TV shows. (I checked from time to time and I saw an American TV show explaining how bridges are built) Both flights were not so long, so I wouldn’t complain about that. The second flight was late (more than a hour) but since I had to wait for the first train in Kuala Lumpur anyway, it didn’t matter to me. The service was alright, even though the employees English was limited.

I was a bit worried about transiting through Shanghai because I’ve read a lot of bad experiences posted by other travellers on the internet. However, it went really well. Actually, the airport was so empty and the process was so fast that it seemed a bit strange. My luggage was transfered to Kuala Lumpur and I didn’t have to pick it up in Shanghai. I was happy that it went smoothly, but then I had to wait a long time at Pudong airport. I didn’t have chinese money, so I couldn’t buy anything (there wasn’t a lot to buy anyway), and the wi-fi was somewhat limited because I couldn’t use Facebook. Also, there were a few TV screens showing the same weird ads over and over again.


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