B2ST Beautiful Show in Nagoya

March 26th, 2012, Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya. Oh, how I’ve been waiting for this ! I came especially from Tokyo to Nagoya to see the B2ST concert. First of all, to my surprise cameras were strictly prohibited inside the hall. I know, it’s always prohibited, but people film anyway, isn’t ? There is a lot of footage of this show online. But there was a very scary “camera police” running around and constantly checking people. My camera takes pretty good HD videos, and I already decided which songs I was going to film. But I couldn’t. I filmed for a few seconds then had to stop. I was able to take a couple of blurry pictures. That’s a bit sad, but on the other side I could completely concentrate on the show.

There were a lot of people, and now only screaming schoolgirls : there were quite a lot of guys, and older people too. I quickly saw two western girls pass by, but I’m pretty sure we were the only gaijin there.

I arrived a hour before the gates open, and some merchandise was already sold out. It was so cold outside. I got the classic B2ST lamp and a set of pictures. I watched a lot of shows filmed in Korea and in Japan, and apparently these lamps are a must-have accessory. At the beginning I didn’t really know what to do with it but at some point I started waving it just like everybody else.

At the entrance there were big cardboard boxes, one for each B2ST member. I guess it was for fans to put gifts ? I thought it was interesting.

The show was excellent. It was well balanced between slower songs, faster songs and talk. There were also solos and duos. There was a live band, which made the songs sound great, with a rock touch. When the guys talked in Korean, a voice translated in Japanese. Their interaction with the crowd was great. They sometimes went to the little stage in the middle of the crowd and made everyone go crazy. I was lucky enough to see them well wherever they were.

Even though Dongwoon is my bias, I must say that Junhyung stole the show. He was incredibly charismatic on stage, and you could tell that he was really enjoying himself. All his rap parts were perfectly heartfelt, and his solo was amazing. Dujoon and Yoseob were their usual selves, Kikwang was kind of silly and cute, and even though he’s not my style, the Japanese ladies always cheered for him warmly. Hyunseung is not my favorite either, but he was on fire ! He’s a very good dancer and he was more charismatic on stage than usual. He also seems to be really popular with the Japanese fans.

As for Dongwoon, he’s certainly not the best entertainer (but who cares, with the face he’s got !) but he perfectly performed 문이 닫히면 with Dujoon. Also, he performed Hirai Ken’s 瞳をとじて and it was incredibly beautiful. His Japanese was quite good. He was adorable. After his solo he asked everyone to turn off their lights for Lightless. The light effects during the song were brilliant.

About the well-known part when they bring a girl on stage, it was really silly. The girl was completely hysterical, and she covered her face all the time and sobbed. Now, maybe it’s just me, but dear, don’t you realize that you’re now part of the show ? Maybe you should pull yourself together and participate a bit, no ? If you participate happily in the little act, not only the boys will be happier, but the audience as well. The whole act will be better. Oh well.

One thing really disappointed me : they performed a Japanese version of Fiction. Please don’t get me wrong ! I was totally expecting Japanese songs : it would please the Japanese audience and it’s really normal that they do it. They did a couple of songs in Japanese, including Shock and Bad Girl. No problem ! It was ok. But Fiction is different. It’s a very unique and amazing song that won the “2011 Song of the year” in South Korea. For me, it can only be in Korean. I was so eager to sing along with Dongwoon 내 가슴 속에 끝나지 않을 이야길 쓰고 있어… I didn’t even know the Japanese lyrics ! It didn’t sound right at all.

I know that they’re planning to come in Canada, and I would be really curious to see how the show would turn out. Also, the venue will probably be smaller, which would be really nice ! Unfortunately, I think I will still be in Japan when they go. Otherwise, I’ll certainly make the bus trip to Toronto !

Here are my -very poor- pictures…

I really don’t know what is Dujoon doing here…

Dujoon, Junhyung and Kikwang being silly

Junhyung’s solo

Dongwoon’s solo


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