Going back to Asia and my recent obsession with B2ST

It’s been a while since I wrote here… I was mainly busy working and saving money for my next trip : Japan ! I’m going to spend a couple of months in Tokyo with a working-holiday visa, and I will probably go back to Korea for a short trip while I’m there !

There is so much to do ! I got my visa and my plane ticket. I paid the deposit for my room in Tokyo but it’s still too early to reserve an actual room. Renting a room in Japan is quite complicated. And expensive. The yen is waaay higher than the last time I went.

When I’m not working, I’m still as obsessed as ever with Korean dramas and music. I recently watched City Hunter and loved it ! There was action, suspense, humor, and of course, a tragic love story. I didn’t want to finish it… it was amazing ! Definitely one of my best dramas of 2011.

On the Kpop side, these days I’m particularly obsessed with B2ST, especially since I watched their videos more attentively and discovered that Dongwoon is simply too handsome to be true… He must be a god or something. I know I’m way too old for saying this, but oh well, having a bit of eye candy doesn’t do any harm, isn’t it ? He’s the band’s maknae (youngest) and he usually doesn’t have a lot of lines in their songs. However, for their next video he will be the main actor… I’m so excited as I’ll get to see him for more than 5 seconds !

So since B2ST are going on a world tour, I thought I could catch them in Tokyo… but no ! They play on the night I arrive ! (and on the night before, which doesn’t help) I’m disappointed, but I’m thinking about taking a bus and going to see them in Nagoya a couple of days later instead. Oh, the dedication of a B2ST fan !


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