I went to the New York Korea Festival !

So I decided to go even if I couldn’t get tickets for the KPOP concert, as mentioned in my previous entry. And… I actually saw the KPOP concert ! I’m so happy I decided to go. No tickets were needed to enter the festival site. I’m not too sure, but I think tickets were needed to get in the section with seats in front of the stage. However, the stage was huge and there were two big screens : it wasn’t necessary to be in those seats to get a good view ! It’s too bad, because I think many people cancelled their trip because of the ticket issue.

There were many stands selling Korean food : I had tteokbokki and bulgogi. It was quite expensive, but servings were (too) big.

The show started with Village People. They performed Macho Man, In the Navy, and began to sing YMCA but there were some sound problems and they had to stop. It was funny. After that there was a girls band that I didn’t recognize performing a Beyonce song… it was actually 4minute, G.NA and SISTAR together ! Then SHINee appeared and they performed Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong.

4minute then came and performed Mirror Mirror and Hot Issue. They were very hot ! B2st appeared on stage welcomed by hysterical fangirl screaming. They performed Fiction and Beautiful.

I also saw one female singer whose name I don’t know (edit : it was Maya), and Insooni. I didn’t know her name, but I recognized one of her songs. Unfortunately, I had to leave after that to get on the bus back to Manhattan. I missed 2PM, SISTAR, G.NA and DBSK. The bands I wanted to see the most were 4minute and B2st, so I’m happy !


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