Seoul Street Food

One of the things I miss from Seoul is street food. Everywhere in the city you can find food carts selling many kinds of snacks. Convenient, cheap and tasty !

I ate a lot of these snacks in Seoul… Actually, even when I wasn’t hungry, if I passed by something that looked good I couldn’t resist ! Here are some of the snacks I tried.

Note : I didn’t take pictures of every snack I tried, because I was too busy eating ! Therefore, when pictures are not mine, I inserted a link to the original website.

I heard a lot about tteokbokki (떡볶이) being one of the most popular snacks. It’s made of sliced rice cakes in a very spicy sauce, and it can be found everywhere in Seoul. I was looking forward to try it, but unfortunately, it was too spicy for me ! It tasted very good, and I loved the rice cakes, but the sauce was so spicy I could only take a few bites.

I found once a snack made with grilled tteok (rice cakes) put on a stick… it was super good and less spicy than tteokbokki !

In the same carts as tteokbokki you can often find odeng (오뎅), which is a boiled fish cake put on a stick, served with a broth. Very tasty.

There was one snack I only found twice, but it’s a favorite ! I heard it’s called 닭강정. It’s little pieces of fried chicken, hash brown potatoes and tteok (yes, again the same rice cakes !). It’s all mixed together with a slightly spicy sauce, and put carefully in a cup (the owner makes sure to put the same amount of everything). It’s awesome.

Something interesting I found in Dongdaemun : the potato dog. It’s actually a sausage put on a stick and coated with french-fries. While the idea is quite interesting, the taste wasn’t particularly impressive.

On the potato theme, the tornado potato is quite nice to see, but it just tastes like regular chips.

One of my favorite snack was mandu (만두). Shops are easy to recognize with their big metal containers and the steam ! There was a stand near where I lived, and I always stopped by on my way home. There are a lot of varieties, but I prefer the big ones that look like buns. They are very filling and cost only 1000 wons ! It’s filled with meat and vegetable. Some also have kimchi. There is also the sweet red bean mandu that makes an excellent dessert. It’s huge though !

Kyeran pang (계란 빵) or egg bread is so delicious ! It’s a bit similar to french toast, but with more egg. The bread is a bit sweet, but not too much.

Many places sell waffles with ice cream. I didn’t try it because it didn’t seem “exotic” enough for me, but my friend had one and said it was very good.


Gukhwappang (국화빵) are delicious chrysanthemum-shaped red-bean cakes.

My favorite sweet snack is called Deli Manjoo. It’s a little corn-shaped cake filled with custard. It sounds very simple, but it’s really delicious. They are often found in subway stations. The first time I found them, the smell was there as soon as I stepped out the train… I litterally followed my nose to the Deli Manjoo stand and bought a bag, even if I wasn’t hungry. Oh, I want to eat one now !

And finally this is… just weird.


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