Ewha University : Last Part

The 3-weeks Korean language program is now over. We had our exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. The teachers told us not to worry because the exams were to be easy. They were right, at least for level 1. It took most people a lot less time than expected, and it was very easy. I guess they really want everyone to pass.

On Thursday we had the ending ceremony and our second and last “culture class”. The ending ceremony was very nice. I feared it would be long and boring, but it was not. We watch a video with scenes shot at different times during the 3 weeks program. There were a lot of laughs in the room during the video as everybody were seeing themselves and their friends on the giant screen. After the video, the best students in each level (3 in total) were announced, and 3 students (again, one from each level) came on the stage to pronounce a short speech. Finally, a very talented girl sang a Kpop song and a group from level 3 did a dance performance. The end !

We had a great buffet with many dishes.

Then it was picture time… for a long time. About 2 millions of pictures were taken (I’m not even exaggerating). Each girl had to take a picture of her with every other girl, and each picture had to be taken by all cameras. It was really something. Everyone wanted to take a picture with one of our teachers : being the only male teacher (and a good one), he is very popular. We received a “diploma” and our exam results.

Then we left for our “culture class”, which was a show called Drawing:Show [HERO]. It was far from being a traditional Korean performance, but it was interesting. However, I wouldn’t have paid to see it.

We are relieved that classes are over, but everyone is a bit sad to leave. Time went so fast !


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