Jeju Island, Last Part

Because of the lack of time, we only took a one day tour, but fortunately, we were staying in the city of Seogwipo and there were some nice things to see nearby. Our hostel was located near the Cheonjiyeon Falls. We went to see them on the night after the tour. I guess it would have been better to see them at daytime but still, the view was impressive. The site is nice and the light at night is beautiful, making this place (once again) a perfect couple destination !

The waterfalls are 22 meters high and are really impressive. Unfortunately, it’s not so impressive on the picture.

We didn’t had much time on the next morning before catching the airport bus, but I went for a walk to the sea. The scenery was beautiful. Near the hostel there is a marina and a bridge that crosses to a small island with many little lakes.

On my way back I met the biggest spider I’ve ever seen. *shivers*

Time to go back to Seoul !


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