Jeju Island Tour Part I

We reserved a day tour with Yeha. They offer the West Course and East Course, we took the East Course. We had a tiring yet awesome day. The van picked us at 9h10 near the hostel. The guide was very friendly, and it was nice because we were only 6 people. First stop : Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (Sunrise Peak), a mountain created by a  volcanic eruption some 100 000 years ago. There is a big crater at the top, which we can reach after walking about 20 minutes. It was hot and humid, so we were really exhausted ! But the view was worth it. Oh, and it’s an UNESCO site. I love visiting UNESCO sites. 🙂

We went down to a little beach where women dive to catch seafood. We came back quickly : the whole area near the water was litterally covered with bugs. I don’t know what type of bug it was, but there were so many (and many different sizes), it was quite creepy. When people were walking you could see the millions of bugs running everywhere. Eeew.


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