Jeju Island Tour Part 3

Next stop is another UNESCO site : Manjanggul Lava Cave. Only a little part of it is open to public : about 1000 meters. At the end, there is an impressive lava column. However, the walk to get there is long and cold (about 10 degrees celsius, compared to 35 degrees outside). I wish I had a sweater ! It was too cold for me to enjoy it.

South Korea probably invented the sign “no high heels”…

We leave the darkness to go to Kimnyoung Maze Park, where we get lost quickly. The goal is a bridge in the middle, from where you can see the whole maze and other people getting lost. It was funny.

The last place we visit is the Dongmun Traditional Market. It’s not so different from other markets I saw in Seoul, but this is where you can buy Jeju’s famous tangerines. Also, fish markets are always quite impressive.


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