Visiting Iplehouse Showroom in Seoul

Iplehouse is one of my favorite ball-jointed dolls companies : I own two of their dolls, and there are a few more on my wishlist. I heard about the company having a showroom in Seoul and I really wanted to visit : it’s a unique chance to see all their dolls in person.

Going there was quite complicated. Korean addresses are… not so logical from a North American perpective. I knew the subway station was Yangjae, and I was able to googlemap the address (it must be typed in hangeul, otherwise nothing is found) but it was not so clear. I knew the approximative area, but that’s about it. When we got off the subway, we didn’t even know which way to go so we asked the “subway information guy”. We tried to communicate in Korean. He was quite rude, but still he helped us. He even went on the internet to find the phone number of the company and called them to know how to go. At this point, a super nice lady appeared and offered to translate. She even brought us to the bus stop. We were so grateful.

After waiting too much for a bus that never came (afterwards we found out that we could have taken any other bus), we decided to walk. We were tired and the weather was incredibly hot, so it felt long but I think it was about 15 minutes. The idea was to get to the stream, and then to turn left on the next street and find the address. We ran around the block a few times and finally found it !

When we entered, there were many people at a table, apparently in a meeting. I felt like we were disturbing, but then they closed the door to continue their reunion and we stayed in the showroom. A nice lady who speaks English came to meet us, offered us some juice and chatted with us. She even showed me the new Elemental Guardian, Claude ! I was allowed to take pictures, but some of them came out bad because of the glass (and me being hot and tired). Anyway, it was so great to see them for real !

Claude !

Bonus : close-up of the gorgeous Asa.


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