Girly Stuff

Perfect day for fans of ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) and Korean dramas ! I had the chance to meet a fellow member of an online BJD community in Hongdae. About Hongdae, it’s a university area with cute little shops and restaurants : it’s nice, but I must say I prefer the Ewha University area.

First we headed to Volks Korea. A Volks store is a paradise for any BJD lover. Of course I couldn’t afford a doll, but I bought some accessories : it’s really worth it because shipping is so expensive. Volks is not the cheapest company for doll accessories, but it’s the only one that have an actual store. 

On our way to Volks we passed by a Hello Kitty cafe… so cute !

The Volks store was bigger than we expected (and bigger than the one I used to visit in Japan). There were many dolls on display and clothing and accessories were well organized. Full Choice System options were on display as well. Staff was nice and helpful.


Peeking inside…


After Volks, we headed to the Coffee Prince shop ! This is were the 2007 drama Coffee Prince was filmed. Most customers were Japanese, and visibly fans of the drama. I had a Honey Latte that was a bit expensive, but excellent. Unfortunately, there were no chairs outside like in the drama, so we stayed inside. Staff are all girls : I’m sure they would get a lot more customers if they were guys like in the drama !


And here is a picture from the drama on which we see the coffee shop :

More BJD-related stuff soon… today I visited the Iplehouse showroom !



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