First class at Ewha University

Classes started officially today. We got an orientation session where we learned that there will be a "cultural class" in the morning, and class in the afternoon. We had to forget the plans we’ve made for the afternoon : after all, we came here to learn Korean. It would have been nice to know in advance, though.

So the cultural class was… making a traditionnal Korean pencil case. We were given material and instructions to follow one by one : we had to wait until everybody finished before going to the next step. I guess Westerners could be surprised at how childish this was, considering the university level. I had this surprise before, when I attended university in Japan. This time I only found it amusing. This is just not something you would see in a North American university !

Everyone ended with the same exact masterpiece, because we had to do exactly as we were told (teachers were walking around, correcting any “mistake”). No place for originality here. But the final product is not so bad, I must say. Here is the work in progress :

After all this crafting we went to the school cafeteria where we enjoyed a very good and complete lunch for… 2700 KRW (about 2,50$). How great is that !

Now the Korean class. In my group we are 13 students, all Japanese except a girl from Singapore and me. (Hopefully I’ll be able to practice my Japanese as well…) The teacher was great : nice, interesting and funny. The quality of teaching is high, especially compared to the non-professional “classes” I had before at the Korean Community Center in my city. I wish I could stay more than 3 weeks, I feel I could learn a lot in only one semester. I really love this university ! More pictures.


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