Ewha Womens University : First Impressions

My classmate and I registered for a 3-week intensive language program. Many universities offer a similar program, and it was difficult to choose as we couldn’t find a lot of reviews online. Hopefully my review will be of some help to those who are in the same situation !

We went to Ewha University (ewha daehakkyo, or in short like Koreans say, e-dae) for the first time today for the placement test. We got lost and arrived a bit late : maps in Korea are not easy to follow, and sometimes paths go in many directions not shown on the map ! I must say first that the campus is amazing. No wonder Korean students pay so much to go there : it’s really impressive. There are a lot of hills, so running around felt like hiking for us… however, beautiful Korean students were walking around easily with their (very) high heels. I really wonder how they do.

The test was explained in English, Japanese and Chinese (I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was Cantonese or Mandarine, though). Most participants were Asian : I think I saw about 5 people who were not. We had the choice to do the beginner test or the more difficult basic test. After the written test, there was an oral test. Each student met personnally a teacher and have a little conversation. The teacher I got was really nice and helpful. Overall, we were very happy with the way the placement was done.

I purchased my textbook (16000 KRW) and workbook (10000 KRW), published by Ewha University. They look very interesting, useful and well done. I’m in the beginner level, so I won’t learn a lot of grammar in 3 weeks but I feel like it will really help me to communicate.

Here are pictures of the impressive main gate :

The area near the university is a female student’s paradise : cute little streets filled with all kind of shops : clothing, shoes, beauty, accessories… Also, a lot of cheap – and good – restaurants. Here’s what I got for lunch, for only 6000 KRW :


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