Getting a mobile phone…

While it was quiet at work, I started to look at mobile phone rental options. I was already planning to rent one at my arrival at the airport, but I happily found out that making a reservation online is way cheaper.

I understood there are 3 options : SRoaming, SK Telecom and KT. Prices are similar : 3000 KRW/day forSK and KT, and 2700 KRW/day for SRoaming. Incoming calls and SMS are free. Local calls with SK and KT are 100 KRW/10 seconds, 90 KRW/10 seconds with S Roaming. SMS are 100 KRW per message with all companies.

SRoaming and SK offer a 50% discount when making an online reservation, so I eliminate KT. S Roaming is the cheapest option, but I prefer SK phone models… I shouldn’t be so picky and simply choose the cheapest option… 

  • SK is currently having an “event” for travellers…I thought it was hilarious ! A lucky 2-dollar bill ?! I’d choose the sunscreen for sure !


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